Friday, July 6, 2007

in sickness and in health, but mostly in sickness

So sick.

Went to the doctor (this already demonstrates the extremity of the situation, seeing as the last time I went to a doctor was... well... let's just say that dates back into the parts of my life that don't even remain in my memory.) He said it's going to last about 4 weeks total... which is just about the entire duration of my stay in Taiwan. Lovely.

I'm on six different meds. Three different pills plus a tablespoon of liquid three times a day. Before bedtime, another white capsule. And if those prove to be ineffective, I have what I call "desperation pills" - doctor said to take these only if I don't get better. I haven't gotten better, so I'm on those too. I have a terrible dry cough that resurfaces at random intervals throughout the day. I also feel like I'm housing a marble every time I swallow. I'm basically a walking infectious disease. I looked up the purpose of the capsule and it's for bronchitis, which the doctor did NOT inform me that I had... but the wikipedia<3 description sounds pretty accurate. They sent me home early from work on Thursday, probably in fear that I'd have the whole staff coughing their lungs out in a couple of days.

The wheels are in motion: side effects that have surfaced include drowsiness, insomnia, minor diarrhea, dizziness, blackouts. Sorry if that was TMI. But to think people do drugs for recreational purposes!

And you know I'm sick when I can't sing at karaoke. Normally I'm the biggest mike hog around, but I just don't have it in me. Could barely get one or two songs out, and only with about 17 cups of water. I was wheezing songs more than I was really singing them.

I can't do normal everyday things without more or less hacking up a lung. I can't sleep. I can't go out and party with people who actually are here in Taipei, because I'm scared of drinking with bronchitis (as I should be). I'm useless at work, and I think more than anything they'll want to avoid me. I can't even go shopping because I get so fatigued. I can't eat or drink cold things. Shave ice? Pearl milk tea? Fresh fruit? I've been passing them all up. Worst of all was at dinner last night, when they had sesame ice cream. AHH! And the heat just makes all my symptoms and drug side effects feel that much worse. Didn't think I'd ever say this - I'm in Taiwan, with the FOOD I love, with the FAMILY I love, with so many experiences and opportunities at my feet, but... I just want to go home.


christine culp said...

!!!! poor baby! :( that really sucks... i hope you feel better soon. did he say that 4 weeks was the longest it would take, or that's like the normal duration of the illness? don't die on me! we didn't get to go on a fooding adventure yet

supposedmonster said...

hi. read your review for cheese taster on yelp, and here i find myself. nice blog. i missa taiwan, the sweating, the suffocating humidity, , the mosquitos, everything. hope you get well enough to have some fun.