Monday, July 23, 2007

I'm flubby

Lol I found this on a website of WHY girls gain the freshmen 15:
  • social eating: yeas... every minute of the day, because there is nothing else to do
  • portion control: it's not my fault the cafeteria loads the pasta on
  • fried foods: well that's the only thing that tastes good right?
  • the fat free fable: yes... my good ol' fat free wheat thins
  • rewarding yourself for workouts: lol, SO TRUE, OVT BROWNIE SUNDAES!
  • study snacking: this one's the worst
  • the beverage trap: well... not beverages, per say, but alchy?
  • emotional eating: had a lot of times... good and bad... which meant lots of bags of potato chips
  • too many sweets: ben and jerry's cartons are my friend?
  • eating like one of the guys: more like, out-eating the guys... I have to prove my self worth in SOME aspect of life, don't I?!

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supposedmonster said...

Haha, well I was browsing about Yelp cause I was thinking, "Gosh, what kind of people actually review Fremont restaurants?" Cause, you know, the caliber of Fremont businesses really don't match up with our rather opulent demographic. Anyhow, you look familiar too - Mission kid?